Website Leasing for only £50/month

No Upfront Costs

Web Design Cheltenham
Do you want to

avoid expensive upfront costs?

Buying your own website is the best option for most businesses but we realise smaller businesses cannot always afford the upfront outlay.

To help with this Radius are now offering our new Website Leasing package for only £50 a month.


do you receive?

  • A WordPress site with the superb Divi editing system
  • Five pages
  • SEO Package
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Telephone Support

Web Design Cheltenham


Is there a Contract?

Yes. Due to the low price and to make this work for both parties we have a one year contract from when the first payment is made. Once the contract is over and assuming you are happy with the site and our service you just carry on paying the lease fee and the site remains yours to use.

How is it paid for?

By Direct Debit through GoCardless. Once you have approved the site we will send you an instruction and your d/d starts from the first of the next month for twelve months.

Do I own the website after the initial year?

No you don’t. You are leasing the website from us in the same way as you’d lease a car. After the initial year, if you are happy with the site and our service, you just carry on paying the lease fee and the site remains at your disposal for as long as you require. If you no longer need the site you give us one months notice and we will take it down and archive it.

Can I edit the site?

Yes. Your site will be a WordPress site with the very easy to use Divi editing system resulting in a very easy to use editing process, much easier than standard WordPress.

Can I have more than five pages?

Yes of course. Any further pages are £100 each.

Are there any hidden costs?

Yes. Any purchased and licenced images used are £20 each.

What about getting found on Google?

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) package will ensure your home page is optimised for Google and you will also get our licenced RankMathPro SEO plugin to review where your site is in the rankings and to make SEO edits as required.

Will my site work on phones?

Yes. Your site will be fully responsive.

Can I have an e-commerce shop at a later stage (or now)?

Yes. Your site will come ready to upgraded to e-commerce as required. Radius use the popular W00commerce plugin for this. Due to the complexity of e-commerce additional costs will be required.

Can I add a Booking System?

Yes. WordPress has a wide variety of Booking systems available. Extra costs will be incured.

Do you have any examples of lease sites?

Yes. Please see some examples of similar websites produced recently:

Pebble Property Maintenance Ltd


Ardagh Management Ltd


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