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The Problem

While SEO is effective on a local basis, more regular, ongoing Digital Marketing is now required if you are to promote your site more widely.

It is an unfortunate fact that over the last two years Google have been adding more and more Google Ads at the top of the Search Results page, recognisable by them having  ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Ads’ written above them.

These are now regularly followed by Google Business Maps which have even more local links listed below.

This means that traditional Organic searches are not enough, in most cases. to get your business above the top half of the page where, of course, you need to be.

The Solution

To get to the top of the page again you need to use active Google Marketing or equivalent. The quickest and most effective route in our experience is Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Why? Because with traditional advertising, where everybody sees your Ad, only a few are interested.

With Google Ads everybody who sees your Ad is already interested because they typed their interest in your business into Google. As a result all viewers of your Google Ads are potential customers. It is very focused and very cost effective as a result.

The Proof

If you are reading this then you probably typed in ‘Digital Marketing Cheltenham’ or ‘Web Design Cheltenham’ and saw the Radius Google Ad at or near the top of the page and clicked on it. We can do this for your prospective customers.

Make it happen for you

Please see our Google Ads Package below.





Google Ads Package

To get you started Radius are offering an unrivalled Google Ads Package:

• Google Account Set up and First Campaign: £250 •

• Subsequent Campaigns: £150 •

• Campaign Management and Monthly Report: £50 •

…plus your Google Ads Budget, which you decide.

If you compare our costs to our competition you will see we are very cost effective.
We don’t ask you to sign a fixed term contract either, only that you try the service for three months.

Please Contact us and start getting more enquiries almost immediately.


what our customers say…

“Radius managed to get us to the top of Google in front of lot of competition resulting in a marked jump in enquiries. Thank you guys.”

John Langley

Sutra Financial Services

“I took on Radius to run a Google Ads campaign for Waratah and started getting calls that week. The service was much more cost effective to employ than others and has paid for itself every month so far, by some margin.”

R. Hodgson

Waratah Welding

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